Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Foundations customBILT rapidly advances Python developers to Machine Learning experts, focusing on real-world problem-solving through key practices like data preprocessing and model deployment. Through intensive hands-on exercises and projects, participants utilize major ML libraries—Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch—to build and deploy advanced models.

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Software Engineers with some Python exposure.

Intended Outcome
Basic Deep Learning Solutions in any of the main areas of Deep Learning, that is Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning.

Common Issues with ILT


Project schedules no longer support traditional multi-day programs


75% of the learners don’t achieve the desired outcome in traditional ILT programs


Off-the-shelf programs don’t take into account the tech stack, roles of learners, or learning objectives


Traditional ILT programs focus on theory and feature-sets instead of practical application


Smile sheets have been the industry standard of success; not the skill gain or business outcomes

Our Philosophy


ILT is delivered in consumable chunks within daily workflows and available for review with post-sessions recording


Self-paced, pre and post-work and office hours through the experience. No one is left behind.


Every program is customized to your team, the stack, and the desired outcome


Practical learning through real-world projects, capstones, and live-coding to increase adoption cycle


True measurement before and after the program to determine skin gain and where additional support needed.

Our DevOps Solution - A Strategic Approach

1. Tell us what you need

Meet with us and we’ll explore your overall team needs, intended outcomes, desired time and money investment, and existing assets

4. We resource, build and manage

We’ll currate the self-paced content, build new content, create assessments, and get the delivery team ready to go.

2. We design a custom learning solution

Working with your stakeholders, we’ll collaborate and design a blended learning solution that delivers the outcomes

5. We pilot the solution

Before deploying a large scale solution, we want to pilot to ensure the program hits the mark.

3. Approve the custom blended learning solution

After approving the solution, we’ll decide on a mutually beneficial pilot and rollout schedule.

6. We continuously improve

After each delivery of the program, we measure the success against the outcomes and adjust as needed.

Core bILTup Product Offerings

mini bILT
Individual Session Recordings
Short-form ILT
Immersive ILT
Bespoke Learning Program
Program Management Support
Self-Paced Content Curation
Knowledge Checks
Office Hours / Q&A sessions
Capstone Project

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